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Health Guarantee: 

This puppy comes with a two year health guarantee against life threatening, inheritable diseases.  If a covered and validated condition arises a credit of this original purchase price, will be applied towards a future available puppy of choice.  If the value of the replacement puppy is greater than the original purchase price the buyer will pay the difference.  Each puppy is priced according to registration, color, and sex.  The availability of a similar pet quality, puppy is limited and not guaranteed.  The new puppy would be agreed upon at the time of replacement.  The health guarantee is only valid against inheritable diseases, known to be carried by Australian Shepherds, congenital or hereditary. 

Health Care:

  1. To the best of our knowledge, this puppy is healthy as far as the eye can see. 

  2. The puppy has had Early Parvo and the first Combo puppy shot, and it will need additional shots at:  10-12 weeks, 14-16 weeks. 

  3. Buyer has 72 hours from the time of pickup to be checked by a licensed veterinarian.  Buyer must retain all vet documents showing dates and procedures done at the vet check for future reference.

  4. Buyer is required to have a licensed Veterinarian administer appropriate vaccinations, including at least 2 more puppy series vaccines, yearly boosters, and Rabies Vaccine.


Terms of Coverage:

  1. Health guarantee does not cover treatable conditions such as parasite, internal or external.

  2. In the event, that a life- threatening genetic disease, (excluding transferrable/contagious virus’s) (example Parvo), arise within 72 hours, the health credit will be honored.

  3. Buyer must provide contact information and a letter from a licensed Veterinarian that states the condition of the said puppy to claim against this guarantee.

  4. If unexplained death occurs, and a buyer wants to prove a genetic issue happened, the buyer will pay to have a necropsy performed with results made available to Rose Hill Aussies.

  5. Rose Hill Aussies and or Andy or Angela Baldwin are in no way responsible for any vet care after the puppy leaves the care of Rose Hill Aussies. 

If the buyer fails to have the veterinarian care performed, documented or made available to Rose Hill Aussies in event of a claim, then the two year health contract will be considered NULL and VOID for this puppy/dog.


Examples of life threatening inheritable diseases covered by the 2 Year Health Guarantee:  Heart defect, and or other organ or eye defects. 

No other guarantees, verbal or implied will be considered. 

Not guaranteed:

Medical issues such as allergies, skin conditions.

Size and ear sets are never guaranteed. 

Contract Jurisdiction:

  1.  This contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Virginia in the county of Stafford.

  2. It is agreed that the place of venue will be Stafford County, Virginia.

  3. All attorney fees and court costs incurred will be the responsibility of the Buyer only and not the responsibility of Rose Hill Aussies Andy or Angela Baldwin.

  4. These puppies are raised in the care of our family, given love, and the best care while with us.  We expect that you will love, care, and expect you to take care of your dog in a manner fitting a family pet.  We consider breeding dogs a huge responsibility to our dogs, and it does not end at the sale.  Because we are committed to our dogs, we ask that you never rehome this dog without first contacting us, and it is agreed that this puppy will NEVER be voluntarily surrendered to a shelter.  The fine for rehoming this dog without first contacting us is 1,000.  All legal fees, of both parties, are the responsibility of the buyer in breach of contract. 

General Information:

House Training:  We have worked with your dog using the Misty Potty Training Method.  This does not make your dog potty trained, but it starts the process of the puppy understanding that it should defecate outside of its bedding area.  Because of predators, the puppies have only used pee pads and a litter box, so this is a process of teaching your puppy to use the bathroom outside.  Unless being held, for socialization purposes, we have kept the puppies to their whelping area and their play pen.  Know that your dog will not understand it cannot defecate in a larger area, like the house, until it is taught.

Suggestions on continuing the training:

  1. Take your puppy outside every 1-2 hours to use the toilet or if your dog looks like it is sniffing or circling.

  2. Take your puppy to the same place in the yard to encourage it to keep its bathroom area to a small location.  It is also helpful because the smell is in the grass or ground in that location.

  3. Tell your puppy to “go potty.”  

  4. Praise it when it goes to the bathroom.

  5. Keep all bedding clean.

  6. If the puppy has an accident, pick it up and take it outside.

  7. Tell the puppy, “no, you go potty outside.”

  8. If the puppy eats or drinks, take it outside 15-30 minutes after to try to go.

  9. I strongly discourage yelling or loud screaming, at the puppies, as this breed is highly intelligent and sensitive.  Yelling may cause the puppy to fear you and become a nervous dog.  This may cause other excretion issues as they will associate fear of going to the bathroom in front of you, and will hide when they go. 

  10. Never hit your dog for any reason.  

  11. A common way the mother disciplines includes a small pinch near the ear and a slight knock to the side.  She is never aggressive or growls.  The knock is more like a gentle roll to show she is boss.

  12. If the puppy is circling around smelling on the ground, it may need to be taken outside to go to the bathroom.  If the puppy stops what he or she is doing suddenly and starts smelling around, more than likely he or she needs to use the bathroom.

  13. If your puppy has an accident, clean the area thoroughly because the smell may cause the puppy to use that spot again.  This includes the bed area.  If there is an accident, remove bedding, and scrub the entire area.


Eating and Drinking:

For the last 4 weeks, your puppy has had unlimited access to water Fromm Small Breed Puppy Food.  It is eating and drinking from a bowl.  Please make sure you are checking for food and water consumption.  It does not take much for a puppy to go downhill fast.  One way to check for hydration is to pinch the skin on the puppy’s neck.  If you pinch it, and it goes straight back down, the puppy is most like hydrated.  If the skin, on its neck, stays up, the puppy is likely dehydrated and may need medical attention.  The puppy’s nose should be moist, and its gums pink.  Until you are sure the puppy has adjusted and eating and drinking well, keep its food and water separate from other pets, so you can see how much it is eating and drinking.  One suggestion I read, is to offer the puppy food 4 times a day and leave the food for one hour.  Take up after the hour.  Leave the puppy with water at all times.  I have used a shallow dish, but I check hourly to make sure it is full.  



I would keep the puppy in a small area, like a kennel, to sleep.  As the puppy adjusts to a new home and the loss of its litter and mom, expect crying the first few nights.  Although the puppy will cry due to adjustments.  The puppies sleep for most of the day with short bursts of both play and eating.  I am including a blanket to help the puppy with the adjustments and to give your puppy the smell of its old home and litter.


Your dog:

We have loved your puppy as part of our family.  We hope you will love your puppy the same way.  If you change your mind at any time, you may bring the puppy back.  We will not refund the fee, but we will make sure the puppy finds a safe home.  It is our desire to raise puppies that have the best start in life.  We have worked hard to socialize, hold, love, and do basic potty training to help with the transition.  We have worked hard to provide comfortable, clean, and fun play areas.  Each puppy has a unique personality, and we have enjoyed getting to see them change and develop.  Know we have done our very best to get them started, and we would love to have picture updates.  I have a Facebook Page called Rose Hill Aussies.  If you would like to be part of the group, just like the page.  I wish you all the best.  We will be very sad to see them go, but we are excited for their new starts.  Good luck, and I hope to hear from you with pictures and updates.  Feel free to contact us anytime at 208-949-7827 with any questions or concerns.

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