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To promote early social skills, Rose Hill Farm works hard to socialize and provide a rich environment.  Puppies are raised in our home with family. They are exposed to various noises, toys, touch, and environments.  


Puppies begin early potty training using the Misty Potty Training Method.  Then they are litter box trained. Weather permitting, puppies start the use of a doggy door before leaving.  If the puppy is using the correct place to go to the bathroom, praise is given. All of these early experiences are critical to a well rounded puppy. 


Deposits are taken at 3-4 weeks.  The deposit holds the puppy of your choice and is non-refundable.  At 8 weeks, puppies are available to their families. Pick-up in a pre-arranged location, by air cargo, or in flight nanny.      


If you are interested in a specific color or size, please contact us before a litter is born, and we can discuss options; however, we do not take a deposit before the litter is born.  


We do the best to estimate eye color and size, but it is never guaranteed.  Mini and toy Australian Shepherds are bred down to smaller sizes, so sometimes larger or smaller sizes can be unexpected. It is common for eye color to change up to a year.  


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